Non-Profit companies giving back to the community

When you think about a non-profit organization the first thing that may come to mind is a group of people in your community that have made a difference in one way or the other. A non-profit organization is one that is exempted from tax as they are created to be of benefit to the community. Examples of non-profit companies that are giving back to the community are as below:

Make a Wish Foundation: Make a wish Foundation is famed for its work in the community and this has made this organization popular in every household. Make a wish Foundations turns the wishes of sick children into a reality. No wish is too big or small for the non-profit. Whether it is going to Disney Land or meeting a famous actor, Make a Wish Foundation will make it a reality.

Mozilla Foundation: The Mozilla Foundation is a no-n profit company that was created due to the success of Mozilla Firefox browser which is the parent company. The foundation works on issues that are related to the web. It does this through mobilizing volunteers, advocacy and event organization. Some of the issues that are being handled by Mozilla include pushing for the neutrality of the web in Europe and controlling the level of government surveillance. 

Google Grants: Google through Google Grants provides its staff with matching gifts that are extremely generous when they are donating to nonprofit organizations. These donations are very useful to all non-profit organizations of all sizes as they provide them with Ten Thousand USD to make use of in advertising. This is done through Google’s search results. This is a great way for a non-profit company to grow their audience as well as get people who may offer support.

Child Fund International: Child Fund International partners with TOMS Shoes to help children in Liberia that are impoverished. For each pair that is sold by TOMS shoes, a pair is donated to a Liberian child. This is coordinated through a partner that they have on the ground in Liberia. Though a pair of shoes may not seem like much to some individuals to those children it means the world just being able to own a pair of their own.

AmeriCares: General Electric is one of the largest companies and it makes its contribution to the community through its GE Foundation. Though it gives cash grants to the community, its support goes way beyond this. AmeriCares has gotten supplies, medicine, and help from the staff at GE. This has enabled AmeriCares to operate 750 free clinics that are able to serve five million people every year.

Ways in Which Non- profit companies use their online presence:
Non- profit companies use their online presence to develop and execute stellar marketing strategies. They do this by developing content that inspires people to join their cause. Non-profit companies are aware of the benefits of investing their time and energy in putting their message out there as this enables them to grow a loyal fan base and get adequate donations to carry out the set projects. They use their non-profits online presence to get tangible results. This can be in the form of donations, grants, and volunteers to help out with projects.

Conclusions: Non – profit companies contribute to their communities in various ways. Whether it is providing goods or services, their customers play a critical role in its survival and success. Ultimately, like any business, the success of a Non-profit company heavily relies on its operation as well as management.

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